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  • June 30, 2008

    How’s the ol’ Spirit? I think “raunchy” is the word…

    Filed under: Sex,Spirit — anne @ 8:56 am
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    A friend and I have been “collecting” emails from Spirit Airlines, to see which of their advertisements comes closest to being NSFW.

    So many candidates.

    Let’s see, there was the one that said, “We’re proud of our Double-D’s” (deep discounts). Then there was the campaign called “MILF Sale” (many islands, low fares — riiiiiight). Oh let’s not forget the “T & A” ad, and the one that made clever use of the word, “brazilian”.

    Kind of funny to picture all these suits sitting around, cackling over how cool they are.

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    1. [...] who remember the airline’s “Double-D’s” ad – or perhaps you recall their “MILF” ad (which their marketing team alleged referred to many islands, low fares). Then there was that [...]

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