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  • August 5, 2008

    Movie Plot or Real Life? 3-Year-Old Child Left Stranded at Airport

    Filed under: Airport,Children — mike @ 10:48 am
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    In a story that seems to have been concocted by a screenwriting robot in Hollywood, a 3-year-old girl was left behind at Ben Gurion Airport in Israel as her parents and her four brothers flew to Paris.

    In all of the confusion that it takes to get a large family to the airport and on to the plane, the little girl got lost in the mix and was left wandering the duty-free section of the terminal. Luckily, the child sought out a police officer for help. Once the officer and airline employees figured out what was going on, the little girl flew to Paris on a separate flight, accompanied by an airline official. Eventually, the family was reunited in the City of Lights.

    Here’s the catch, though. The parents didn’t realize the little girl was gone until 40 minutes into the flight when they were informed by an airline employee. OK, you have five kids. We know things can get crazy out there, but whatever happened to the good old buddy system or a quick roll call or something?

    Luckily, this story turned out OK, and other than those potential parental negligence charges facing the parents, the family is alright.

    Visit City News for more on the story and check out Home Alone – okay, LEFT alone (at the airport, anyway) for more tales of children getting stranded at airports.

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