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  • May 4, 2009

    New Nominee for Bad Airline Passenger of the Year (liquid soap — yum)

    Filed under: Arrested,Crime,Drugs,Drunk,Women — anne @ 9:09 am
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    According to reports, she “snapped like a dog” – and tried to bite a crew member’s leg.

    She kicked at seats, then roamed the United plane, babbling incoherently.

    And for the piece de resistance – she allegedly drank a dispenser of liquid hand soap from one of the plane’s lavatories.

    Not surprisingly, the culprit – described as a Russian-born artist living in London – caused the LA to London flight to be diverted to Bangor, Maine. She apparently told authorities she consumed sleeping pills, prescription medications, an undetermined amount of alcohol – and yes, according to reports, liquid hand soap (a UK newspaper following the situation helpfully informs us that “liquid soap is sometimes consumed for its alcohol content”).

    The woman’s explanation for all this? “It’s typical of me. I sometimes do crazy things.”

    By the way, she’d gone to LA to meet up with someone she met online. I’m thinking somebody is counting their lucky stars right about now…


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